What do you use to tune vehicles?


The preferred method for tuning GM vehicles is done using HP Tuners Software. This software allows adjustment to all of the parameters needed to perform a complete tune on almost any GM vehicle. HP Tuners has a wide range of programmable vehicles and they expand every year to meet our tuning needs and the needs of our customers.


For Ford, GM, and Mopar vehicles, we are a registered CMR dealer for Diablosport. We can create a custom dyno tune to meet your vehicle’s demands and have it loaded to a Diablosport programmer that you can keep with you.


How do you tune a vehicle?


All of our tuning is done using a load-based chassis dynamometer. This allows a tune to be safely and effectively created for your vehicle within the confines of the shop. Load conditions can be simulated with the dyno to mimic the real world driving conditions you would encounter in every-day situations. We don’t just tune for a wide-open throttle (WOT) run as this doesn’t cover the areas where you would run your vehicle the other 90% of the time you are driving. All dyno tuning done at the shop is thorough and done properly with the end-goal being the customer’s happiness with the way the car runs and drives any time the key is turned to ON.


How long does it take to dyno tune a vehicle?


The amount of time needed to tune a vehicle is largely dependent on the amount of modifications done to it. Typical times range from 2-4 hours for a complete dyno tune including a short street drive to confirm the tune is to the customer’s liking. If something seems wrong during the street drive, it will be fixed.


What makes your MGW shifter special? Can’t I just buy one directly from MGW?


The MGW-P is a custom made shifter specifically designed for the 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO. The shifter is based off of a shifter made by MGW, however it has many custom parts and pieces to ensure that it fits and works properly on the GTO’s T56 platform. MGW themselves do not currently sell any product to fit the GTO. We offer this shifter as the one and only MGW style short shifter on the market for the modern GTO. Two years of development have gone into making this shifter what it is today and continuous improvement will make it better as we move along.


Do you just tune vehicles?


That answer is a resounding, no. Proxses Tuning can provide you with advice, aftermarket performance parts, performance fabrication services, and full-performance build capabilities. From tip-to-tail, we can provide support and services for all of your performance and tuning needs. Not quite sure if we can supply you with what you need? Give us a call and find out!


I just got XXXXX vehicle. What are some good first modifications?


Your goals for the vehicle are the first thing you need to figure out. Are you looking for a performance street car? Autocross bruiser? Road racing fun? Drag strip monster? Once you have an idea of where you want to go with your vehicle, give us a call! We will be more than happy to point you in the right direction regarding modifications to get the most out of your vehicle. Know what you want to do but are looking for a place to get the parts? We can do that as well. With connections to such brands as K&N Performance, Energy Suspensions, McLeod Clutch, and many more, it’s quite possible we’ll have what you need.


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